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getting back into the swing of things after the summer can be pretty daunting for any parent. the kids have been out and about all summer, maybe on a schedule, maybe not. i am a parent first and foremost and would like to share our evening routine. our routine keeps the evening pretty fluid once it's internalized. i am also planning to make a chart with my youngest participating in each step, so it is easier for him to internalize the steps.

my previous career path as an educator, offered some prior knowledge on the importance of routines therefore when establishing routines i check back in with the "teacher" in me.

i'm going to make a list to keep this simple..

1. we have an early dinner...why? because it's better for digestion and the kids are able to not feel rushed after eating and before starting their bedtime routine. dinner usually starts at 5pm, yes it's early, but my boys go to bed at 6:30. after dinner they clear off their plates and put them in the dishwasher. If interested in learning about sleep routines I recommend checking out Dr. Weissbluth

2. they have play time, which usually consists of playing with legos for about 15 minutes while I clean the mess I made in the kitchen :)

3. after the kitchen is clean, we make lunches for the following day. by "we" I mean the boys make their own lunch, i just lay out the food options on the kitchen table. i've found that if the boys prepare their own lunches, they are more apt to eating them. finnegan my eldest, loves to chat at lunch and he barely ate his lunch last towards the end of the year i decided he should start making his lunch. he took this task on quite well, and i've seen a huge increase in the amount of food he has eaten. here's an article from the Washington Post i found insightful and breaks down the steps of teaching your child(ren) how to pack their own lunch

4. pick out their clothes and lay them out

5. put on pajamas and brush teeth

6. book time. each boy picks out a book to read and finnegan also reads a book to us.

7. once reading time is complete, the boys hop into bed. we sing a song together. they tell me what they are going to dream about, one thing they are proud of that happened. dream time.

for my little family this schedule seems to work, but of course every family is different and intentional with their routines. if this blog resonated with you, please let me know or if you're interested in learning more about a specific routine i shared with you please reach out and i'd love to answer your questions.

much love and welcome back to school,


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