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When I was 22 and teaching in downtown phoenix, I'd always go a round-a-bout way getting to work. The reason being there was this cute coffee shop I liked to go to and I just loved the neighborhood it was in. Well, this went on for 5 years! I loved my job, my coffee shop, and my life in Phoenix…

Cut to: An NYC vacation in the summer of 2010… I met my future husband, who just so happened to live in the same building as my brother. This just threw a rather amazing wrench in my already charmed life. Interestingly enough, I would travel often to visit my brother who had lived in NYC (as a teacher, my schedule was pretty open every summer.) Before every trip, I would say out loud to the universe: "I'm going to meet the man of my dreams in NYC" and it hit me on that one summer night on a stoop in Bushwick. We chatted for hours, watched the sun come up and spent the next 3 days together. After those 3 days, he dropped me off at JFK airport and expressed he was falling for me...and the rest is history. Manifest, manifest, manifest loves!

Fast forward to 2016...

My love, my partner dies in a tragic accident on the streets of NYC. That day propelled me forward beyond my wildest dreams. As a now single mother, I had to make decisions that would affect our future. Within 6 months, I moved back to Arizona to be closer to my family. Where did I move, you ask? The lovely neighborhood that I drove by almost every day for the 5 years before moving to NYC. This definitely wasn't the way I was hoping things would end up, but it happened. In the end, it is the universe manifesting with us! I am grateful for all that I have; my boys, my quaint home, my business, and all of you!

here are a few tips on how to manifest:

1. Choose something you want, and make it clear. I recommend starting with something small to build your foundation on. It helps to write it down.

2. After writing it down, visualize the manifestation. This will help focus your energy on a specific desire you're manifesting.

3. Affirmations. Come up with a set of affirmations in relation to your goal and write them out. I like to place them on sticky notes and leave them on mirrors or spots with heavy foot traffic at home.

4. Take the next steps. What are the physical steps you need to take in order to manifest your goal?

5. Karma. Do kind things for others and raise your vibration. The universe hears higher vibrations.

6. Be on the lookout for signs from the universe; be it a song, a person coming into your life, or a new feeling. Continue to stay in tune with what you are manifesting. Be sure to visualize often and stay positive! You've got this :)



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