tonights super full moon

have a question you need answered? uncertain about your next plan of attack? just in need of some guidance as to where to go next in certain aspects of your life? well, here ya go...tonights a perfect night to journal drabble, meaning just write down whatever pops up in your mind. journal loves, journal. if you're feeling uncertain about a decision or aspect in your life tonight is your night to figure some shit out. Virgo energy is coming through this super full moon (the brightest, most powerful moon of the year), and guides us in bringing attention to (intuition, psychic energy) and helps to give us a clear idea as to what might be going on, and what the universe and higher self are guiding us to do next. Pay attention to who you feel pulled toward or who you subconsciously are pushing away. The moon heightens our intuition and sensitivities. Trust in this divine time and remember that not everything happens according to a plan, let the universe guide you through this moon.

Since Virgo is very detailed orientated this moon brings more attention to detail and the ability to ANALYZE situations to help get those perspectives into view. Now is the time to get out the journal and just write, make a list- pros and cons, venn diagram that shit out....whatever is calling to you. once that's done, take a look and see what is no longer serving you and release it into the ether: for a new sense of freedom and renewed vibrancy into your life.

some tools for tonights moon: selenite, candles for clarity, feathers for freedom, journal, oracle cards, palo santo, take a walk during the full moon, crystals (charge them)

Full Moon Mantra:

I release all that no longer serves me or my dreams. I open to all that supports my growth and expansion. I embrace the doorways opening to transform my life. Miracles flow to me in every breath.

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