our first workshop

hi everyone, it's been a HOT minute since our last post, but I really wanted to share with you all our latest venture. a few months ago, we decided to host a workshop at pure life in mesa, jenny an amazing #ladyboss that we met at local markets, invited us to host there. my girlfriend, lacey a local all natural makeup artist, was the perfect addition to our workshop; as she discussed balancing your pH levels in your skin, and properly exfoliating before masking.

during the workshop we discussed each powder or clay, and how it would benefit your skin. there seemed to be a few ingredients, in which everyone was gravitating towards. some of our options included rose petal, turmeric, blended oats, hardwood activated charcoal, and green tea. we chose options that are beneficial for most skin types, and selected a few that would benefit specific skin issues such as, acne, scarring, and blackheads. i think a highlight for me, was to hear the ladies discuss their choices and why. the conversations were flowing as they created their masks, upon deciding which powders to incorporate.

it was a really wonderful time and while it was a bit nerve wrecking, seeing that it was our first workshop the ladies were so warm and welcoming. we will be announcing another market in the near future, be sure to check your emails for that special announcement.

much love,


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