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dry brushing 101

and so it's youngest saw a dry brush at a local health food store and told me we just had to have it. I think his intuition was speaking to him. so, i purchased it, not knowing much about the benefits or really how to use it.

since that day i've been doing my research and i've begun incorporating dry brushing into my nightly (if I have time) shower routine. although, it is recommended to use in the morning before showering because of its energizing qualities. it is recommended to spend at least 3 minutes dry brushing daily (or twice), take your time and relax. It feels absolutely amazing and the great thing is that you can do this all by yourself.

upon researching I also learned that it aids in improving circulation and is great for the lymphatic system, aiding in detoxification. detoxing helps move waste and toxins out of your body, build up of toxins can make one sick.

seriously, it feels absolutely amazing and i highly recommend incorporating this practice into your routine.



- great for DETOX

- sweeps away dead skin, improving appearance, smoother and brighter skin

- helps with ingrown hairs

- increases circulation to your skin

- supports digestion

- stimulate lymphatic drainage by releasing toxins, making your body run more effectively

- can possibly reduce the appearance of cellulite

- stress relief, done in a quiet space, it can reduce muscle tension, calm your mind and relieve stress


how to:

1. start at your feet and brush upwards to your heart

2. arms start at hands and move upwards

**use firm small stokes or circular strokes

3. chest 4. back

5. finally, stomach use in a counterclockwise motion

6. shower

** washes away dead skin and impurities

7. moisturize, I use coconut oil

be careful! do not get a brush with too hard of bristles and do not push so hard you scratch your skin. Light pink on skin can happen, but the skin should never be scratched or damaged. When brushing it's important to not brush areas with inflammation, sores, sun-burnt skin, varicose veins, your face (unless with special brush) or skin cancer.

let us know your thoughts on dry brushing. we'd love to hear more about your experiences with it.

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