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sleep. we need it.

i have always been a stickler with my boys' sleep schedule. so much that when my boys were younger and people would ask me about it, i would end up giving them a very informative and comprehensive book. it's so important that children get a lot of sleep; i could go on this topic forever but honestly i will digress....

the other night i was thinking about my sleep routine. and it sucks. yes, i said it. why not have this schedule as an adult? i honestly, do not know why i haven't started my own routine and sleep the proper amount needed as an adult, roughly 7-9 hours as and adult. last night, i decided that i'm going to have a bedtime routine, go to sleep at a decent hour and include self-care each day. so here is my new night routine with self-care included:

sunday: facial

monday: read

tuesday: yoga/read

wednesday: go outside and meditate (weather permitting)

thursday: tapping/yoga

friday: journal

saturday: meditate/read

Did you know 78% of people use electronics before bed, which delays the products of melatonin, which delays the production of this sleep-inducing hormone? i'll be trying out a no electronics before bed every night this week. let's see how it goes, who's going to join me? this is also the perfect time to do my self-care. and friends and family, if i don't text you back, you'll know why. xoxoxo.

this sounds like a huge huge, and it's pretty spontaneous. i think i'll gradually work my way up to this, but i'm deficiently going o be going to sleep by 10 pm so i can get my 7-9 hours.

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