take a break. it's good for the universe.

being active, being busy, has been something I feel in our culture that has been hard wired into our brains. as i sit here at the park, as i'm writing, i made a conscious effort today to take my 'time out' and realize that life isn't always about being busy and going and doing things all the time.

as a young singleton with 2 children, one in kindergarten and the other 2 1/2, having a petit business i think sometimes i forget that it's okay to not always be on the go. and, take those opportunities just to be present in your life, as much as you can. there are days when i tend to forget the importance of being present. those are the days i feel where i struggle. i have an eckhart tolle quote, "realize deeply that the present moment is all you have" on my message board at home. it's in my dining room where i tend to do all of my work. i read it often, it's a great inspiration for me and reminds me daily to be present.

find a spot somewhere outside, weather permitting of course, maybe go by a window if you can't be outside, somewhere you can see nature. i know that when i lived in new york, i really enjoyed walks, in the winter i'd open my windows and look out into my environment (not necessarily a park, but there was a peach tree). while in your quiet space, be present, take deep breaths, sit, and just be still. stillness is something key to your self care because if you are constantly on the go doing things; how are you going to know or know how to do self-care..how to take a time out..how to sit and relax for 5 minutes...and enjoy the sun, and just being out in nature.......pause.......just pausing for a minute while here i hear kids laughing, birds chirping, and trees and leaves rustling in the wind. the breeze is a little cool and my legs are getting hot from the sun hitting them.

did i simply forget the importance of taking a time out and relaxing? no, it's just not in our culture to take the breaks. in other countries, they take a few hours to themselvees in the afternoon and close their business. they have it right, but until then....

i know that when i was teaching i was consistently on the go. writing emails, blogs, it was go, go , go. remind yourself that you are an amazing wonderful person, and you need breaks, you are not invincible, you are not a robot, nor do you want to be one. dance to your own drum, take that time for yourself, go sit outside, relax. feel love. feel nature. soak in the sun. feel mother earth. love. rest easy.

much love,


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