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post 3. deep breathing an update..

so, yesterday I decided to focus on deep breathing. did you all? i have also made a conscious effort today and feel that i've been more relaxed and calm. i've been more centered and able to relax at a time where i may have normally become anxious. for example, i normally wait until the last minute to get the kids ready before heading out to run errands. but, honestly, who says it's the last minute, and why do i put pressure on myself to get us out the door at a certain time, when we aren't supposed to be anywhere at a certain time? honestly, it doesn't matter; there's another self-realization for the day. it's going to be a good day, i can tell. now back to getting ready this morning; today, i decided to get myself ready first, then get the kids ready. TA-DA!! it was like magic. keeping calm, doing my deep breathing while getting the kids ready was surreal! i highly recommend doing some deep breathing while getting ready.

doing deep breathing sounds like a good plan, for us as a unit. we are definitely heading down the right path in terms of learning how to care for ourselves even more.

much love,


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