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breathing for me goes deep. i discovered my breath, the day my husband unexpectedly died. sure, we breathe every day, it's what keeps us alive in the physical body. but, i truly didn't understand or know the benefits of this simple, yet often taken for granted action. i relied my breath, when i received the phone call that he was in an accident. my body started to shut down, my muscles cramped and body hardened, making moving difficult. at the hospital, i moved into a corner and sat on a blanket and meditated. i had only meditated once or twice before, but i felt this was what i was supposed to do at that time. it was fight or flight and i chose to breathe.

focusing on my breath, is what got me through the most traumatic event in my life to date. waiting for what seemed like eternity as they operated. all the while, knowing that he may not be here anymore is what awakened me to my spiritual journey, and set me on my new path. but at the time, i didn't discover this nor was i aware he had sparked something in me. that changed my journey and that of my boys'.

it's okay to scream. screaming released all of the emotions that i felt deep inside of me the moment that the doctor told me he had died. the emotions that i had, put me on a ride into the unknown. once it was released i went back to my breath, it's what kept me here, present, steady once more.

the breath is such a strong, part of our lives. it's part of your yoga practice or exercise. it keeps you from making quick, emotion driven decisions. before making any type of decision now, i pause and wait before making any choices.

deep breathing is calming, it's relaxing and it can help you through some pretty rough times. i still feel the effects of PTSD, but I am learning to let the feelings go through me. acknowledge and release.

what is deep breathing? deep breathing's a method used to relax. take a slow deep breath in, one that fills your lungs and the lower belly rises. let your abdomen rise fully. then breath out slowly through your mouth or nose, whichever feels more natural.

shallow breathing increases anxiety and stress levels

here's some ways you can use deep breathing for relaxation:



-tai chi

-heading into sleep

-guided imagery

eckhart tolle, encourages you to accept the feeling in the pain body and let it come in and leave. accept and release. i find that saying this outloud really does help with accepting the feeling, the emotion, then releasing it. i want to show my boys that it's okay to feel sudden emotions, whether they be positive or negative and give them the tools to release them out of their body. one thing that i've been doing with my boys is 'belly breathing' aka deep breathing in slowly (7 seconds) pausing, and releasing slowly. while my little, is pretty young and won't do this all of the time; he's 2 and becoming very independent at this time in his life. my eldest, at 6, understands the reason for belly breathing and does do this when prompted by me. my goal, with time, is for him to use this method on his own.

i'd love for you to take some time after reading this blog, whether it be 30 seconds or 20 minutes and focus on your breath. let me know how you feel after in the comments below.

much love,


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