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fall in love with taking care of yourself. a blog.

okay, so why start a blog on self love/care? because we all need it, and most of us do not do nearly the amount we need; i'm literally solely saying this because I personally need more of it. i might assume, that since you're reading this you may be on the cusp of this realization or already know you need more of it. i get cranky, unfocused, tired, unmotivated and my self talk isn't so positive. i need to change this, and make self-care part of my life, every single f******g day. let's try it together this month and see how it goes.

i find it challenging, a blessing and a joy (all in one) on a daily to be a mom (young widow), run a business, dive into my spirituality and maintain my cool (at times). this blog is a way for me to stay on track, and my hope is to offer insight and have a little fun with being a spiritual, loving, and conscious being. and i'm just putting this out there...but i'm also finding my voice for this blog, so bare with me loves.

how will this blog go? my thought is, with each day i'll focus on one aspect of the mind, body or spirit keeping you in mind, of course. plus, include self-care sprinkled throughout.

why self-care? taking care of one self, makes you feel confident and clears the mind for a more peaceful mind and calm body. I find when i'm totally in-tune with my body, usually through yoga, running or when I'm above average in my self-care; my positive vibes and intuition just flow; which leads me on a new journey or discovery (that'll be written about later, can't get ahead of myself). you will also become more attuned to your body and know when it's time for a break, i.e. deep breathing. because i know we all need this....just sayin....xoxo

this journey is all of ours. we reflect. we meditate. we make challenging decisions. our choices have consequences. we are love. smile every day. be grateful. move with ease. shine bright light a diamond (yes, rhianna just came on). do something for someone else daily. and i'm rambling, but i'm so excited to share my journey to falling in love with taking care of myself, and who knows lets see where this journey takes all of us.

much love,


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