spa time gift set for mothers day


included in gift set are:

1- 4 oz himalayan salt body scrub morning blend

1- 4 oz himalayan salt body scrub evening blend

1- 2 oz body mist


and a little info on these amazing products for the body


himalayan salt body scrub morning blend: Have the winter months already taken a toll on your skin? our himalayan salt scrub is ideal for the dryer months as it nourishes and moisturizes your skin while ridding it of dead, dry skin. We have taken the purest minerals and oils from nature, to bring you our morning scrub blend in our first line, Hi(m+a)layan. This himalayan pink salt body scrub smoothens your skin, while rejuvenating and nourishing. Our special blend of essential oils awakens your senses, so starting your day is welcoming and refreshing. exp. 12 months


himalayan salt body scrub evening blend: The Hi(m+a)layan salt scrub evening blend is the perfect way to end your day; both detoxifying and soothing. The subtle hints of our special blend of essential oils will leave you relaxed and nourished, from the 84 minerals and elements, such as magnesium, calcium and oxygen! Next, you'll want to curl up with a good book and enjoy your evening, with a peace of mind knowing your salt scrub not only exfoliated, but nourished your body. Our special blend of essential oils, will help you sleep and aid in kicking that pesky nighttime headache.

this is the ideal scrub for those cold winter months, where your skin turns dry and flaky and itchy. our scrub gently exfoliates dead skin and moisturizes with organic coconut oil. say good-bye to moisturizers because we have you covered over here at m+a. exp. 12 months


body mist: our himalayan body mist is created using a special blend of essential oils that'll leave you refreshed and ready to take on your next adventure. the himalayan salt is absorbed into the skin, offering nourishment and revitalizes from the outside, in. the subtle hint of essential oils is perfect to spray right after a shower, bath, on your linens and on you hair. spritz on your hair for texturized and beachy waves. exp. 12 months

spa time

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