this is the perfect gift for a teachers self care sunday!


this gift set includes:

1- 2 oz sleep mist

1- 4 oz himalayan salt body scrub evening blend

1- smudge stick (white sage)


sleep mist: the lavender sleep mist is created using a special blend of oils and infused lavender distilled water. the lavender infusion offers a relaxing experience to calm the mind, clear your thoughts and head into a restful sleep. be sure to breathe deeply so you can take in the aroma therapeutic benefits as you drift into dreamland. sleep well. exp. 12 months


himalayan salt body scrub evening blend: this body salt scrub formula is powered by pure himalayan salt, a natural ingredient that seals in moisture, gently buffs away dry, dull skin leaving refreshed and glowing skin. the coconut oil moisturizes and leaves your skin refreshed and glowing. your senses will be aroused by our calming blend of essential oils perfect for night showers. exp. 12 months

smudge stick: Why smudge, a brief intro? 

Smudging is ritual alchemy — changing and shifting the air element, and transforming our current experience to a mystical one.

Many believe that the smoke can purify a space and chase out negative energy. The plant exudes a fantastically therapeutic aroma when steeped, burned, or smelled in the wild--it is no wonder that the practice of burning sage has grown into such a rich tradition.

Using incense to connect humans to the spirit world, can be easily traced throughout the East in parts of Asia and even dating as far back to Ancient Greece.

relaxation gift box- teacher

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