our handcrafted, single batch under-eye serum aids in strengthening skin tissue to help reduce wrinkles. The essential oils were specifically chosen for their anti-inflammatory properties to reduce eye puffiness.

*product is made to order to guarantee freshness


benefits of ingredients

organic evening primrose: reducing wrinkles, dark circles and any under eye concern you may have because its HIGH in fatty acids so it keeps the under eye youthful. Prevents dark circles, and makes your skin more tight and firm

organic argan oil: cellular regeneration which leads to newer tissue replacing the older skin. Wards off dark circles from blood vessel expansion. Helps to strengthen tissues in skin and prevent wrinkles.

rosehip oil: helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the yes.

vitamin e: fights the effect of free radicals that cause dark circles and wrinkles under eye.

licorice root extract: helps fade sun spots, and under-eye circles with a brownish tint due to hyper-pigmentation due to its unique compound, Glabridin.

chamomile essential oil: the anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial for puffy eyes.

cypress essential oil: helps reduce puffiness under eyes



radiant under-eye serum

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