Say hello the gua sha; it has an ability to chisel out cheekbones you didn’t even know existed, de-puff hangover eye bags, and amp up your skin brightness.

Gua Sha runs over the skin to break up tension due to stagnation from water retention, muscle tightness, or other congestion

Gua sha is a method that promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps to eliminate bloating caused by interstitial fluid (fluid trapped under your skin that needs to be released to your lymph system).

Long-Term benefits: stimulate collagen production to fill in fine lines and boost skin elasticity


- relieves tension

- restore youthfulness

- smooth fine lines

- reduce puffiness

- crystal energy healing properties

- clear your chakras, unlock your Qi


what is sha? 'Sha'—redness that encourages the skin to heal itself



apply even stokes along your face moving in the same direction as your lymphatic system



Obsidian Gua Sha