reasons to love our "on-the-go" mist gift set

1. the body spray smells amazing

2 the body spray is great as a hair refreshened just in case there's no time to style hair before heading to work

3. the refreshing mist is perfect as a picker upper during that mid-day slump (after lunch)

4. our sleep mist will help one to drift into dreamland after a busy, fun, and exciting day


a little bit of information on each mist....

body mist: our himalayan body mist is created using a special blend of essential oils that'll leave you refreshed and ready to take on your next adventure. the himalayan salt is absorbed into the skin, offering nourishment and revitalizes from the outside, in. the subtle hint of essential oils is perfect to spray right after a shower, bath, on your linens and on you hair. spritz on your hair for texturized and beachy waves.

refreshing mist: our handcrafted refreshing mist is created with pure, natural ingredients - no fillers.  the astringent, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint help diminish the appearance of redness on the skin and fights acne and blackheads. witch hazel tightens skin and locks in moisture. the all-natural ingredients offer a moisturizing, cooling experience for the face and body.

it is also great to use for cleaning your yoga mat due to the anti-bacterial components of himalayan salt. 

sleep mist: lavender sleep mist is created using a special blend of oils and infused lavender distilled water. the lavender infusion offers a relaxing experience to calm the mind, clear your thoughts and head into a restful sleep. be sure to breathe deeply to take in the aroma therapeutic benefits as you drift into dreamland.

sleep well.

exp. 12 months

mist trio

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