Deepen your Parent-Baby Bond with our ultra-hydrating and gentle massage oil. Parenting a tiny one can be exhausting—and being a tiny one isn’t easy, either. Research shows that a gentle infant massage benefits both of you by improving sleep, decrease crying, and encourages more parent-baby interaction.


Baby Massage Oil is Used For:

Eczema: use on dry spots before bathing, to help keep irritants such as warm water off the spot.

Cradle Cap: put a few drop on flakes and let sit for a few minutes. Use a comb to gently remove flakes.

Hydration: add a small amount onto adults hands and gently massage on infant to promote bonding. When gently massages belly, go in clockwise motions.



Massage oil for bedtime ritual, gently manage cradle cap, and calming aromatherapy. Gently smooth over babies skin in slow, circular motions.


Benefits of Ingredients

Organic Argan Oil helps to reduce and treat eczema and psoriasis. The oil is easily absorbed into the skin and won't clog babies pores. Apply the massage oil to scalp to help relive and clear cradle cap.

Organic Calendula Oil has a range of benefits and is gentle and offers instant soothing benefits. I'ts antiseptic benefits reduce redness and kills any bacteria that may be present. Can be used on diaper rashes, eczema, baby acne, and cradle cap.

Fennel essential oil spiritually in known to strengthen the solar plexus.

Chamomile essential oil helps to calm and soothe baby for bedtime routine.



2/28/2022 "My 5 year old complains of growing pains in is legs after a long day of playing. We used the baby massage oil on them tonight and it was a big hit." Anaiz

Massage Oil

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