This organic bath salt is great for removing toxins as the clay binds to heavy metals and the epsom salt helps pull a variety of toxins from the body while replenishing magnesium levels. Because of their proven stress relieving and inflammation fighting abilities, a salt bath can help you relax and wind-down before bedtime. 

we at m+a, believe in transparency that is why our containers are clear, as we don't hide any chemicals or preservatives in our products that aren't organic. it's our motto that we have "nothing to hide" therefore, below we have researched and have included each ingredient in our products so that you can inform yourself as to the benefits of each ingredient that we put in our products.  

Ingredients and their benefits:


  • Organic Epsom Salt increases magnesium levels which helps relieve daily aches and pain. The sulfate in Epsom salt helps remove toxins and heavy metals from our body. Finally, Epsom salt reduces stress and improves blood sugar levels helping you have energy throughout your day.
  • Himalayan Salt has both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. As it absorbs through your skin, it will remove toxins in your body while improving circulation. It encourages profound relaxation, resets your physiology, regulates some stress hormones, helps with concentration and reduces tension. When we bathe in a Himalayan pink salt solution, we hope to pull toxins out of our skin through a process called reverse osmosis.
  • Organic Rose Kaolin helps to reduce inflammation, remove dead skin cells, tighten pores, fade hyperpigmentation, and it also removes harmful toxins. It is also a great exfoliant for the skin, it reduces irritation, increases circulation, regenerates collagen, promotes new cell growth for skin, and regenerates elastin within the skin.



Shower first, to avoid using bath additives like soap, shampoo, conditioner or shaving cream in your salt bath. Fill tub with about 3 inches of hot water. Add about 3 heaping spoons into tea bag using a non-metal spoon, move bag around in water so it has a chance to dissolve in water. Fill the rest of the tub with water. Relax in tub for at least 20 minutes to receive benefits of soak.


Size: 8 oz container


* if you are pregnant or have any health concerns, please check with your doctor before using 


* each bath salt comes with a bag to dissolve salts with for the tub


hi(m+a)layan rose bath salt

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