take a mini-vaca to the himalayans with our himalayan holidays gift set. our moisturizing face products in this gift set offer anti-aging benefits, such as reducing fine lines and evening out skintone.  


a bit about each product:

hi(m+a)layan hibiscus dry mask: not all skin is created equal which is why we allow you to pick your activator with our hibiscus dry face mask. this is the perfect mask for anti-aging treatments as hibiscus is known as the botox plant.


hi(m+a)layan lip balm: our organic lip balm will moisturize your lips (heal chapped lips) and aid in anti-aging effects such as fine lines. the ingredients in this product offer built in UV protection and give your lips a nice glow. this is the perfect compliment to our lip scrubs and can be used after the scrub to lock in moisture and heal chapped lips making them soft and glossy.

himalayan holidays

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