our earthy, lux blend is a combination of palo santo, eucalyptus, rosemary, alucema, and myrrh. this incense mix is traditionally used by shamans in Peru, to cleanse and purify the home of negative energy.


1. place burner on a nonflammable surface

2. pore salt on dish 

3. light charcoal (tongs to hold charcoal is recommended) and place small amount of incense on top

3. proceed with cleansing ceremony


*never leave burning incense unattended. keep out of drafts way and away from flammable objects. burner will be hot, please do not touch. never leave children or pets unattended in a room with burning incense. 


includes: burn dish, himalayan salt, incense, matchbook, 3 pieces of coal, card with directions


perfect housewarming gift. use before meditation. during your yoga practice. cleansing your home.

cleansing kit: sahumerio incense

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