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our mission


Our mission is to inspire people to live holistically. We believe in caring for your self through actively listening to your body and intuition.

We create our natural products essential oils, minerals, and other ingredients from the earth that offer your body what it needs throughout the day to achieve it's potential. We have curated products to restore your mind, body, and spirit.

Envision a life filled with love, laughter, and happiness; through this we raise our vibration and hope to inspire others to fill their lives with love. We enjoy connecting with you daily to share our experiences, as well as educate those who strive to live holistically.

Through m+a naturals, we open the doors to bring kindness, positivity, and love to all. Calm your mind and you let your intuition guide you.

be love | be you | be one

much love,


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Many people go through life comfortably and don't bother stepping out of this said, "comfort zone". My life was completely altered one winter afternoon, as my husband was fatally hit. My world stopped for a moment; that's when I felt my breath, I relied on my breath to get me through the first week. Soon after his passing, I focused on my journey of life. I discovered meditation and yoga became a part of me. After yoga my life opened. I felt love, I was love, and I was in love. Love became my beacon, my guide, and it was that beacon that led me to become a founder of m+a naturals. My late husband's love for us and his passion led me to pursue m+a naturals; he too was a small business owner and showed great passion and dedication. I hope to instill my boys with that same drive and determination that led me to m+a. I was motivated by his passing (or one could argue I was led by him) to pursue something that inspired me to make healthy, happy choices.   

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